Before and During...

This is the Safari, up above, and here below, the new look, in progress.  We left the couch alone - that pleather turned out to be butter soft and we couldn't stop touching it.  The new kitchen will be painted white or maybe Rainwashed (super soft turquoise).  It's the exterior of our home now, and I think it will feel home-like.  Check out my not-tacky teepee fabric and my Emma Moloney Peter Pan wall paper, which is going on the walls between the bedroom and the main room, and again on the bathroom door by the bunk room.  I've had it forever - a gift from my amazing sister, and I never could commit to using it.  This cool Ikea Rimforsa (say it.  Feels great.) is going where the massive bulkheads once were.  (Click on the pics and you can scroll through.  Sorry.  I know you're not stupid.)

The kitchen has been reworked. We removed the stove as we'll be cooking outside anyhow, and we'll grab a hot plate/toaster oven that we can stow.  There was a bump out that was truly irritating and created a terrible flow (read: five tiny kids were attached to my bottom while I boiled water), so we nixed it.  We also made the kitchen less deep and popped in an IKEA farmhouse sink.  Here it is, put in backwards - I better call about that.  I think I'll keep an eye out for new hardware, as this teensy kitchen has a ridiculous number of knobs.  

We pick it up on Weds. next, and I can't believe it's nearly time to set off.  Quick overview - we are going from Atlanta to Mississippi, across the midwest (the Badlands! Kansas City!) and on to Jackson Hole, WY, where I think of our trip beginning.  From there, Montana, which is practically Canada.  I haven't packed a thing, but I did order up some bear spray.