Badlands to Black Hills, Part I, In Which I Dread Common Camping Experiences

We made it in to camp before dark (hey Mountain Time. We are huge fans) and set up in Badlands. This is getting easier each time we do it. However, we seem to have something wrong with the water pump and it sputters and spits bits of water from the faucets and never works. Which is horrible because I am not a flip-flops communal shower house at midnight type. Like some people are.  Because some people really love that kind of thing. We may stay at some KOA campgrounds between here and Jackson because I would really love a proper water hookup. This is a mixed bag, KOAs. They're cheesy, tightly packed, and they've got a terrible name - Kampgrounds of America.  Kampy. But we can plug a hose into the trailer and have a hot shower without fear of plantar warts.

This is a totally normal fear.

Off to wake the kids. We woke up at 6 and enjoyed coffee and some guitar at 7 while the kids slept in the Grey Goose. I was having trouble committing to a name, but I'm just going with it. I think I will try out several different names here in this blog and see which I most prefer. You can handle that, yes?

They're still sleeping and though I usually follow a strict policy of never waking a sleeping toddler, Stephen is anxious for a hike. I could sit here and just look, because I am terrified of heights. I am especially terrified of heights with small children who do not listen.  As we crossed South Dakota, I remembered an episode of Little House on the Prarie where Pa, in a soft tone, says to the girls "Get inside the house, now." And Mary and Laura grab baby Carrie and go into the house while Pa shoots a bear. My children would have argued and "wait just let me finish"-ed and they would have all been et. I'm certain of it. Et, y'all.  

Say a Hail Mary for us today that no one falls off a cliff. I know that this isn't really how prayer works, but let's just try that.